Tuna, packed in oil or water?

The hardest part of making tuna salad is getting it the right moisture level. I imagine olive oil helps or breaking it up into tiny tiny pieces if you used water based.

Just throw some Cholula on there, like a man


Fuck Johnny seafood company and their greasy oil. Give me their slightly less greasy water. Add proper oil if you want.
And for fuck sake, learn to love good hot sauces

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Oil, makes for much better tuna salad sammiches

You really think the “manly” option is “with water”?

In oil is fucking disgusting.

Ya know, pedal your bike back to Friendly’s for a Fishamajig SuperMelt.

You mayo guys need to step your tuna game up

Kewpie mayo or fuck off dawg.

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This qualifies as stepping one’s tuna game up

I’ll go Hellmans . you can keep that dog shit ! It is the color of Joe Biden’s teeth