Tuna Recipes

Yo guys,

So been eating real clean lately (except for one day a week where I eat kinda lousy - usually football Sundays). But also have been working out a lot so I've been hungry as hell. The whole yogurt/granola/nuts/eggs/oatmeal/veggies/chicken/cottage cheese routine is getting a little stale, so I figured I'd go back to an old reliable that I haven't had in a while - tuna fish. But I realized I don't know any recipes for it.

I used to just eat it out of the can, but I want some more tasty ideas. Preferably ones that don't involve any mayo. What say you guys?

A little lemon juice helps the flavor not taste so fishy.

I like tuna and salsa in a wrap, or you can forgo the wrap and wrap it in lettuce.

 Cholula Salsa Picante Hot Sauce


= win

i call it cholulafish, & i enjoy it often. easy to toss in your bag and have handy.

for tuna steaks i like a thick wasabi glaze

If you want the best sauce ever:


 throw some relish on that bad boy and eat it.

lots of whole wheat pasta, cooked and cooled
can of tuna, drained
can of sweet baby peas
hot sauce

I'm interested if anyone else has some recipes.

mix together:

1 can tuna
1 egg
small handful of rolled oats(you still want it to be pretty wet)
Optional:pepper, chopped onion, garlic powder

Make a pancake and fry it well on both sides in olive oil.

Top with a little olive oil mayo and sliced pickle.

Berardi on T-Nation/T-Mag/whatever posted a recipe for tuna burger that I will use occasionally. It's really good. I don't have it handy now.

oldie but goodie...


cut an avocado in half and stuff with tuna and squeeze a little lemon on top, its really good and very healthy.

Good responses guys, thanks.

Jsteven, that's a great idea since I love avocados. Sounds delicious.

 sub'd for later

turducken -  open can of tuna
drain water out of can
dump tuna on plate
stir in salsa
throw tuna in trash
break thermometer open and jab into thigh, emptying all contents


 ^  canned tuna has very high levels of mercury thats what he is saying.

Dizz, Do you like sardines? They're lower in mercury since it's a smaller fish & contain more Omega-3's.

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