Turk Lesnar vs. Ronin Mir - Who Wins?

Congratulations to Frank Mir and his wife on the birth of their baby - Ronin Maximus Mir.

Brock Lesnar just had his baby boy - Turk Lesnar

Turk vs. Ronin in 2034 - Who wins? :)

 congrats to both.

 I thought his name was Dirk, unless I'm wrong Beth.

His name is Turk.

 Turk, unless Magnus Optimus Mazzagatti is reffing.

Frank Mir should not name his children while watching movies on TNT.

 Congrats to both.

Ronin Maximus and Turk?

Congratulations any way.

Congrats to both.

 ^^^ lol awesome name.

I lost on my sn bet. Damn Rashad. I'm betting on him again when him and Rampage fight.

TTT 4 Turk!


sick name.

it's a Jewish name

Brock Lesnar named his kid Hurc?

 i think his name is girk

Mir's kid sounds like a transformer. 

I sho hope he don't turn into a motorcycle. 

D0N Johnson - LOL @ RONINsick name.it's a Jewish name

Really? I always thought it was Japanese.

In medieval Japan, a ronin was a samurai that had no master. Ronins were looked down on by "regular" samurai, because Bushido mandated that a samurai should be, among other things, loyal to his master. Thus being a ronin was a disgrace.