Turkey to oppose NATO membership of Finland and Sweden who harbor Kurdish terror groups


Just when I thought he was less of a faggot for stopping russian ships entering the black sea and mediating in the conflict he comes with this horseshit.


Saw this coming from a mile away. How about now we continue to float membership until Putin is done with Ukraine, then we can all act shocked and ask “Why is Putin doing this” when he attacks Finland and Sweden.


Kick Turkey out. Take Finland and Sweden instead.


Just dissolve NATO.

All they do is stir up shit, and steal my tax dollars.


Turkey is a poor country (just like Russia) that’s looking for a pay off.

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Yes, because we want to hand control of the Mediterranean and Black Sea to Russia, along with the Suez canal, all to include faggot Swedes and Finns.

Amazing plan.

Please tell us more.

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Turkey under Erdogan is an enemy of the west, not an ally. They should not be in NATO.


You simply don’t get it. You’re playing a shell game with yourself. The result is always going to be same and your missing why it’s happening. The problem is NATO. It’s NATO existing. It serves zero purpose other than to make Russia look bad on the world stage to others who already don’t like Putin, at the cost of others lives. Half the countries gasp at how horrible the war is and then turns around and buys gas from Putin, which only funds the war more. The people who are supposed to care, don’t. Or at least not enough to punish their own citizens for it.

There is nothing more the left wants than to make Putin and Russia into 1941 Germany and Hitler and pretend like Putin is doing this because for the same reasons. Putin has said, why he’s done this every single time and it hasn’t changed. He is attacking countries that are attempting to join NATO and encircle his country. Even worse is we float the idea to countries who have absolutely no chance of getting in. This isn’t 1965. We don’t need NATO.


Remember when Erdogan’s security beat the shit out of protestors in D.C. lol



Sweden and Finland, along with current NATO members Norway and Denmark, halted military exports to Turkey in 2019 after their invasion of Syria. This is a grift by Erdogan. He wants the restrictions lifted.

In addition, he considers any Kurds who believe in minority rights “PKK” and “terrorists”, including military allies of the US.

You seem to be the one who don’t get it. NATO is there to protect against Russian aggression, thereby stabilizing Europe and increasing trade with the US.

Germany has tried to placate Russia with trade deals and it did fuck all. It will take time to untangle those supply chains. That’s not the same as them happily continuing to finance the war.

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I’m so fucking tired of political threads.

Can we just argue about SNES VS Sega, or talk more about tits, or something?

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Nope tell me more

Yeah that must be it. I’m the one who doesn’t get.

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Then explain why it is, out of all former Warsaw Pact and USSR states, Russia is the only one who sees NATO as a threat and not a friend. And why it is that almost all of Russia’s neighbors see a need to seek protection through a military alliance?


Yeah. I remember what the US has become. Erdogan, a dictator that jails journalists and political opponents, had his goons beat protesters in the USA. That shit wouldn’t fly back in the day.