Turned my comp. off the quick way

Switched my computer off by pressing the button as i was in a rush. Done it loads of times before but now it doesnt work.

I thought it was a hard drive problem as I couldnt even start it in Safe Mode or boot from CD.

Bought a new hard drive and i still cant boot from cd. It stops and does nothing when booting at the;

"Verifying DMI Pool Data" point. Have I screwed up this computer?

kick the shit out of it...works for me. lol

No, its probably either motherboard, cpu, or RAM...that is assuming that it stays on, if not then I would assume it is the power supply.

Take it somewhere and get it looked at. Hardware is a bitch to trouble shoot if you don't have the facailities


Another trick is to get into the BIOS and set all system settings to the default settings. It is normally one option to select to reset everything to default. It looks like your computer is still functional (i.e. power) so that might work.

wouldn't it be easier to remove the bios battery to reset?