Turning a stone into bread

"And we shall see how the devil tempted him to evil, but not with evil.

"First, He was hungry, and the devil said, Make bread of this stone.

"'Was he not to eat when it came in his way? And did not the bread come in his way, when his power met that which could be changed into it?'

"Regard that word 'changed.' The whole matter lies in that. Changed from what? From what God had made it. Changed into what? Into what he did not make it.

"Why changed? Because the Son was hungry, and the Father would not feed him with food convenient for him!

"The Father did not give him a stone when he asked for bread. It was Satan that brought the stone and told him to provide for himself. The Father said, That is a stone. The Son would not say, That is a loaf. No one creative fiat shall contradict another.

"The Father and the Son are of one mind. The Lord could hunger, could starve, but would not change into another thing what his Father had made one thing."

George Macdonald

---Unspoken Sermons, 1867

so he lived naked in the woods eating berries?

What about water into wine?

What do you think happens naturally over a longer period of time?

I don't understand that question. Are you asking if water turns into wine over a period of time or if a stone will turn to bread?


Water was used to make wine.

Rock is rock, bread is bread.

The water into wine was done as a miracle to persuade men.

This was to be used as a way to tempt him.