Turtle & Triple Header

Anyone seen the Triple Header DVD? Good, Bad, etc.? Also, any recommendations for a good Turtle Instructional DVD? Thanks much... T10

ive heard the triple dvd from bjj tapes is great for gi fans...give the turtle dvd a few days and im sure reviews will start poppin up..

The Triple Header is excellent. I think Ive watched mine 100 times. You have to see Marcelo Garcia on this one. Incredible.

The triple header dvd kicks serieous arse but is a Gi dvd as mentioned earlier.

I'm waiting on the turtle dvd to arrive it should be here in a day or so, I'll have a review up the next day. It shipped late so there arent any reviews yet.

Thanks for the replies guys. Gonna grab Triple Header and wait for the Turtle review. Thanks again! T10



Which Turtle DVD are you referring to? John Russell? Or another one? Thanks, T10

the one from on the mat which is I guess teh russel one.

Just checked out OTM, and the link is for the Russell DVD, thanks. T10

The Turtle is cheaper at www.budovideos.com. $5, as are most of the vids I checked out. Just FYI.