tv advice for ps3

I'm in the market for a new tv - primarily for my ps3 and games such as oblivion, skyrim, fallout...

I've been looking at tvs, mostly around 50", mostly plasma.

Can you give me any advice as to what numbers or statistics I should look at the tv having?


get a LED ...

take it from someone who got Cnets highest rated tv a panasonic VT series plasma

then i tried samsung plasma

now i have a Sony LED 55 inch decision ever

plus sony tv's interact and interconnect with PS3's

Sanding d7000 or d8000 led tv.
Best picture on the market. Phone Post

Like THB said, it's all about MHz. The higher the MHz, the faster the refresh rate. The higher the MHz, the less picture lag/blur you'll have. I have 120MHz plasma in my living room and a 60MHz LCD in my bedroom. The difference is huge.

If your not sold on size, Sony did just release that ps tv. With 3d and the weird full screen co-op that use the 3d display both images on the screen at the same time but each player only sees their own image. Phone Post

If you don't have one already, get a HDMI cable too, alot of people have stretched resolutions when playing on a HD tv without it.

Get a tv that can turn off that camcorder effect; when you go into 120Hz and up, it really ruins movies for me Phone Post