TV show The Man in the High Castle

Anyone watching this?
Interesting premises, not sure where they are going with it, I'm half way through the pilot. Phone Post 3.0

First ep is incredible Phone Post 3.0

Will check this out, thanks! Phone Post 3.0

just reading about it on wiki now, sounds like something I'd like.

They're going pretty far from the book, but it's interesting anyway. Besides, most of PKD's books don't translate well to film or TV unless a lot of liberties are taken. Phone Post 3.0

Trust -

There is only the pilot so far, right?  

2nd ep is up on torrents. Just finished the pilot. Digging it so far.

Montana better be part of the resistance! Phone Post 3.0

Can't wait for the full season to come out! Phone Post 3.0

Day shift bump Phone Post 3.0