TV shows you started watching because of your girl

I'll probably get a bunch of shit for some of these but whatever, I never would have given them a chance if my gf didn't watch them.

Top Chef - I tend to stay away from reality/ contest shows but this is decent. It stays away from drama for the most part and gives some good ideas for food as well as restaurants you may not know about in your area.

Project runway - yeah, that's right. Despite being full of women and gay men, there is almost no drama and the show does almost nothing with their personal history. It actually focuses mostly on the design process and construction of the clothes. I have no background in fashion so it's interesting to learn little bits about it and see how wrong I am in regards to what is fashionable.

Outlander - this show is on showtime or something and is about some chick that gets transported from 1920's London to Scotland during some sort of war between them and the English. I know almost nothing about European history so that aspect is interesting to me. The show is definitely geared towards women but I find it whatchable. There's enough political drama, social drama and attempted rape to keep me interested.

I got her into its always sunny, the league, and stopped her from watching greys anatomy, so it's not just a one way street here. Phone Post 3.0

Vampire diaries Phone Post 3.0

Texox - Vampire diaries Phone Post 3.0
This! Phone Post 3.0

Supernatural, vampire diaries, originals, walking dead, the blacklist Phone Post 3.0

Haha ya right. She now watches my shows instead. Phone Post 3.0

Dancing with the Stars. Literally some of the hottest bishes on earth dancing (the instructors). I'll never stop Phone Post 3.0

A girl I dated got me into Top Chef. Now I love it. But line with any "reality" or competition show, I dvr it so I can skip to the actual challenge parts cause I don't like any of the dumb drama shit.

Another chick made me watch Sex and the City. All of it...including both movies. She should've stayed with Aidan. Phone Post 3.0

Supernatural Phone Post 3.0

papasmurf24 - Face off - and its awesome Phone Post 3.0
No arguments here... Phone Post 3.0

Supernatural.  Project Runway.  The TCM channel.  The Voice.  Bones. 

Early American Idol, both of us are done with it now.


She's gotten into UK Top Gear.  Wheeler Dealers (fix it up and flip-it car show from England).  She's a long-time mma fan but not as devoted, I watch any and all mma (Bellator, UFC, Titan, MFC, WSOF, RFA, throw in Glory) and she doesn't mind the overload on some weekends.


TheEmperorRises - 
papasmurf24 - Face off - and its awesome Phone Post 3.0
No arguments here... Phone Post 3.0

This isn't a regular show but we both watch it from time to time. It's pretty good!

Grey's Anatomy, Bones, Project Runway

But it's a fair trade house so we watch 1 of each person's pick. Phone Post 3.0

True blood and Bar Rescue...both of which make me wanna jab #2 pencils in my eyes.

Rloughlin03 - Supernatural Phone Post 3.0


Grimm, Arrow, The Voice. 3 shows I only watch for the sake of comprimise.

New Girl

I've gotten her into...

Fri Night Lights (thanks Riggins)
24 Phone Post 3.0

Master chef Phone Post 3.0

I'd like to say Pretty Little Liars, but I got my wife to watch that with me. Not joking. In my defense, I am a fag Phone Post 3.0

Chopped and Cutthroat kitchen. Phone Post 3.0