Twas the night before...

"My righteous indignation knows NO bounds"
Credited to Apu Nahassapeemapetalam

That's it?!??! I'm outraged!!! ;-)

Twas the night before Fisticuffs release
and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring,
except my computer mouse

I checked that my mail box was hung with care
knowing that my order would soon be in there

As I got all comfortable and lay in my bed,
somatic engineering strategy danced in my head

Out on the lawn, came such a clatter
I sprung to my feet to see what's the matter

I put on my Ulimate Grappling shoes and went for the door,
For those that had awaken me, I would settle the score

Intruder on the porch, intruder near the wall
As I unleashed a series of tichoks and trinity strikes, to the ground they would fall

As I began to relax and started to have fun
They realised now, was a good time to run

As I went back to bed with nothing to fear,
dreaming of when my Fisticuffs would be here

As I knew that everything would be alright,
Happy Christmas to all,and to all a Good Night

(Hey, What can I say, Christmas is near, I'm waitng for my tapes and I've got too much time on my hands tonight)

Nice work Slyder!

You have echoed my sentiments exactly! I am anticipating this series more so then any other!!

I REALLY feel like a kid again, waiting for Christmas to roll around and open my gifts.

I can see it already, on Christmas Eve, we open one gift each. I will be up at 3 in the morning watching Scott. When the sun comes up and everyone wakes to open gifts, I will be just finishing up!!!

Christmas can't come fast enough this year!

I wish Scott would come on and tease us a bit with some words!! ;-)