Twice a day workouts?

Some times I hear about people who will train in the AM, then school/work/rest, then train again at night, or noon even. Is there any method to this that is recognized? Cardio then strength? Both? Whatever you want? Any nutrition that needs to get taken in during the down time?

You probably need advice from an expert. I pretty
much follow the program lined out below. Keep in
mind that I am an old retired guy and only work on
Mondays and Tuesdays. That is the reason for the
reduced schedule on those days. I do this
because I enjoy it. I still look like shit but my cardio
is really good. I was laying on a table waiting for a
colonoscopy and the nurse exclaimed "Are you a
runner or something, your pulse is only 38?'" I shot
back, "It is just that I am really relaxed laying here
waiting for some stranger to shove a TV camera up
my ass." I use a Reebok Pulse rate meter to keep
up with my heart rate during the workouts.

Mon.-Sat – AM & PM Shadowboxing & Stretching
20-25 Minutes.
Mon-Saturday walk (stroll) 30-45 minutes after AM

Mon.-Tue. noon Nap 10-15 min. Wed.-Sat. noon
Nap 1-1 1/2 hours.

Mon –Wed -Fri - 70-90% MHR.

AM – Workout Circuit – 45-60 Min.

  1. Wrist Roller
  2. Club Swinging
  3. Hip Lifts
  4. Twisting Crunches
  5. Supine Rows, Pullups or Cable Curls
  6. Push Ups

Tu -Th –Sat - 60-70% MHR.

AM - Recumbent Bike for 45 Min.

Wed.-Sat afternoons swim or hit punching bag 45
minutes @ 70-80% MHR

Daily Supplements
1/2 Aspirin
Caltrate – calcium and Vitamin D
Centrum Silver
Move Free – glucosamine/chondroitin
Niacin – 100MG
Prostate Health – saw palmetto, lycopene and

Basic Diet

Grape Nuts, Grape Nuts Flakes, Brown Rice,
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Nuts, Dried Beans,
Skim Milk, Fish/Chicken 2-3 times weekly, Lean
Red Meat occasionally, Chocolate Pudding (Fat
Free, Sugar Free) 8 oz. Daily. Occasional junk food.
Drink a lot of distilled water, and Crystal Lite Tea,
3-4 Cups of Coffee daily.

Eat healthy choices, smaller portions, no seconds,
fewer treats.

i do, Mon-Fri! HIIT Cardio AM Mon & Wed, Strength (ME upper) then TUF 1 cardio Challenge Tues, ME Lower then 10km ride Thurs & DE upper then HIIT Fri & skills every night. I nap each lunchtime for 30-40mins.

In terms of lifting 2x a day, heres an article from t-nation today:

In terms of nutrition (keeping in mind i have a day job Mon-Fri which i workout before i start & do Fri & Sat nights bouncing) - i only have one cheat meal a week, which is when i go home to my parents house on a Sunday ( i can post my whole diet if you want to see it) - due to the work hours i keep, i do not take caffeine, i have more energy without it & just save it for when i really need it, like if i only get 5hrs sleep or miss a nap etc. i do take melatonin on Sun night to help me reset, so i can get up early again on Mons... but im getting off the topic.

I do not feel that there is any advantage to doing two a day traning.

If you have no choice because your schedule somehow precludes training on certain days and you are forced to double up on another day.., then perhaps you are making due.

TAKU<---thinks less is better most of the time

GrandpaB, that is hilarious (about the colonoscopy)

Ideally you do speed work orientated type exercises in the morning. Don't lift heavy in the morning.

I double sessions Mon to Thur.

Mon, Wed and Fri: Squat

Tue and Thur: Upperbody conditioning

Mon, Wed: OLift
Tue, Thur: Hurdling/ sprint work

Sat: OLift

I get a nice shorter session in the evening on OLift days and I feel stronger having rested 4-5hrs before I lift again.


HeangKoing dp you train martial arts? and if so when in that schedule.
Also what is your lifting experience because that is crazy volume and intensity for a strait up conditioning schedule, i would defintly overtrain on somehting like that but more power to you because if your body can handle that it really looks a top notch s and c program youve made yourself.