Twin cities requires masks for all, now proof of vaccination

Craziest people there are. Running around with privilege psychosis needing the help the coloreds and trannys. Absolute nutters.

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Dems gonna Dem.

I’m going to have to sell my Wild tickets at a loss I guess.

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The NHL is trash anyways. The game was so much better when it was violent. The athletes are better today but the skill players did there thing because there was accountability and guys to protect them. You would go to a 6-4 where there was 4 fights and hitting. Now it is ice capades.

RIP Boogie

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After doing a little more reading, it looks like they are trying to save their ass and claim they “beat Covid”. They are predicting Omicron cases will spike on or around January 19th, then fall off since there will be no one else to infect. Guess when this vaccination ID mandate goes into effect - January 19th.

“The University of Washington’s own highly influential model projects that the number of daily reported cases in the U.S. will crest at 1.2 million by Jan. 19 and will then fall sharply “simply because everybody who could be infected will be infected,” according to Mokdad.”

I will be first in line.

Crazy how fast he went from a moderate to authoritarian. I watched that guy develop a lust for power in real time and do all he could to not lose it. When he did, radio silence. Then his emails got hacked and poof, where the fuck did Walz go.

I believe he was once a decent man. Not anymore.


Well if you look at election maps you would see the farmers are voting red. The problem is the twin cities and mining unions on the iron range. Gerrymandering has made it so that 5 of the 8 districts are influenced by the twin cities metro.

It’s pretty hard to beat a stacked deck.

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That’s really what baffles me the most. Scared sheep just want governments “to do something”. They love restrictions as they FEEL it ‘saves them’. If the restrictions actually work, do more good than harm, it doesn’t even compute in their cowardly brains.

Living in fear is one thing. For nearly 2 years? Damn. Snap out of it cowards. THINK

The lack of debate over the pros and cons of these measures is more scary for our future than any illness but the Plague. Censorship everywhere and restrictions on a whim in all what used to be FREE countries!

You anti-mandate people make no sense.

If you simply comply by wearing your mask and showing your star…I mean card you can walk 10 feet into the restaurant or bar and take of your mask. At that point the virus will no longer affect anyone because of the SCIENCE. Duh.

Le Shat

That’s awesome news and that’s exactly what people I was listening to predicted 2-3 months ago.

Now that covid has mutated into basically a cold, don’t try to mandate me to take some fucking new vaccine targeted at Omicron that’s also not going to work in March.

If they could make a vaccine that worked for the cold, they’d have done it already, this is going to fall on its face and they’re going to gas light people into taking a completely ineffective biannual cold vaccine.

I’m afraid they’ll look at the drop, point to the mask and ID mandate and say “look, this works!” and keep it going.

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Yep use it to keep mask mandates and allow more vaccine passports.