Twins have 2 top five hitters in baseball....

 but we still suck, f'n pitching.  Seriously though, there is not 1 hitter on the Yankees and Red Sox that I would take over Mauer and Morneau, and yes, that includes Predroia.  The only reason he won the MVP last year is because Morneau went into a slump 2 weeks before the end of the season.  It was his to lose and he did.  What f'n studs both are this year...M&M boy's, part 2.

i'm sure the pirates would package duke with sanchez if the twins were willing to give up some decent prospects

What sucks is the Twins won't throw money at both of them to keep them around.

Mauer is gonna look amazing in pinstripes in about a year and a half

 Traven, how can you even try to put MCann even in the same sentance as Mauer.  Joe is the new A-Rod or Pujols.  He is the great white hype.  Best catcher EVER.  Both a defensive stud and well, you can speculate about how he hits.