Twisted knee last night :-(

Passing a buddy's guard, my foot got caught under one of his legs and he rolled up into me. Heard a crunchy sound with some medium pain. I left immediatly and put ice on it, took some anti-inflamitories too. I have twisted my knees before without needing surgery or anything and I hope this is the same.

The knee is stiff as hell today and I have ice on it constantly. What is the suggested regimine for ice and anti-inflamitories?? When, if ever, to apply heat?

I cannot afford a doc at this point.

This fucking sucks!!!

sobs like a little boy

You should ice 20 minutes on - 40 minutes off. I think the ice works only for the first 72 hours. Follow the RICE thing.

Use antiinflammatories as indicated in instructions, and maybe get some sort of antiinflammatory gel to apply directly on the knee.

Dunno about the heat.


Easy to remember, isn't it? It is also easy to do. Let's explain how these four letters can help you to recover from injuries.

It doesn't need too much explanation. Your body needs to rest in order to recover.

Wrap ice cubes in a wet towel, or take a cold pack, and put it on the injured area. Don't put  ice directly over the injury because it can produce blisters and ice burns. The time limit for an ice application is 15 minutes, but you can repeat it every hour. You may acquire Cold Therapy products at Amazon clicking here.

The goal here is to lower the blood irrigation at the injured area. You can use a bandage, but be aware to not tie it too thigh and block the blood circulation, which can cause gangrene. You can alternate the compression with ice applications. If the injured area became numb, release the bandaging. You may acquire Athletic Taping Supplies at Amazon clicking here.

Elevating the injured member reduces the blood pressure at the area.

The RICE method is effective for minor injuries. If the symptoms persist, look for a doctor.

sorry bro.

My PT acually told me yesterday that after 15 min ice is counterproductive. So don't go over that. Just one opinion of many.

The RICE Method:
Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation

The RICE method often helps with many types of joint and muscle injuries. The method will ease pain and help speed recovery. The RICE method is very helpful if you use it right away after an injury.

Rest. For most injuries, rest the area until the pain decreases. For simple sore muscles, however, gentle stretching will reduce stiffness more quickly. Hold the stretch for 30 to 60 seconds, then rest and repeat five to 10 times. Do this several times a day.

Ice. Ice is the most effective treatment for reducing inflammation, pain and swelling of injured muscles, joints and connective tissues—such as tendons, ligaments, and bursas. The cold helps keep blood and fluid from building up in the injured area, reducing pain and swelling. Apply ice as soon as possible after injury, even if you are going straight to the doctor. To speed recovery and ease pain, raise the injured area and apply ice for 20 minutes (10 to 15 minutes in children) every two to three hours while awake. For best results, place crushed ice in a plastic bag and wrap with a moist towel. Use an elastic bandage to hold the pack in place. During the first 48 to 72 hours, or as long as there is any swelling, do not apply heat to an injury. Heat increases blood flow to the affected area, which makes swelling and pain worse.

Compress. Between icings, wrap the injured area with an elastic bandage to help control swelling and provide support. Begin wrapping at the farthest point away from the body and wrap toward the heart. For example, to wrap an ankle you would begin at the toes and wrap to the mid-calf. Don't sleep with the wrap on, unless told to do so by a doctor. And don't wrap too tightly! If the wrap begins to cause pain or numbness, or if toes become cool or white, remove the elastic bandage and wrap it more loosely.

Elevate. Raising the injured area above your heart will allow gravity to help reduce swelling by draining excess fluid. At night, place a pillow under the area to support and raise it.

Thanks guys!

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