Twister Sidecontrol ?

Does twister sidecontol work for MMA

I see garcia uses it alot but only in grappling

The only match I remember it being used so far was BJ Penn vs Hughes

Most guys always hug under the head and arm from sidecontrol but it's not that often you see people hug the hips in mma.

This is why I asked you more experienced people

Why dont we see it being used what are the reasons?

it's not exactly a new move, it's just a reverse scarfhold position.

reverse scarf has the arm trapped Twister doesnt have the arm trapped

I need alot more practice with this control tried it today and it worked well but when I rolled into the twister I kept getting reversed and ended in bottom with the lockdown.

going to keep working on it because it's very exciting to see done

I can only get the twister from back control after attempting a bannana split.

Have just checked the book and you are quite correct. I would have thought that you had less control without controlling the other arm and that this would be even more of an issue with strikes

Ok--first thing to remember in Twister Side Control is that your bottom
knee must maintain contact not only with the floor but also your partner's
hip. If he can get the hip under your knee he can flip the twister on you-
or take your back or go "wee,wee,wee all the way home".
Practice riding that position and controlling it for awhile....goodnight.

In MMA, most people consider it risky to give up top position by going for something like the twister, even though it could potentially end the fight. If you're great at the twister, maybe it will work for you, though. But it can work in MMA, for sure. And it has.



I was thinking you could bate the guy to give his back from twister sidecontrol

Marcelo 3 last 2 techniques on taking the back series where he has twister sidecontrol lets them think there getting the sweep but then grabs the over and under position and works his choke.

from there I was thinking if I cant sink the choke because the guy has good defence Id move to the truck position where I have more options such as calf crank,split,groin ripper,the dan severn,and of course Eddies Twister.

here is a video of that set up 2 minutes 50 seconds in

I like this entry aswell

Jake Shields used the reverse side control a lot in his fight with Menne.