Twister Trent MMA highlight, for interested.

I'll apologize now for being a dirty MudNamer, so if a blue would be so kind as to embed this for me, I'll love you forever.

Got bored, so I decided to make a highlight video.
Any suggestions, comments, ratings on my devastatingly good looks, or if you just want to tell me I'm wasting my time on sportfighting cough cocoapebbles cough. All is welcome :)

This is the first highlight I've ever made, and I definitely plan on competing and training more often in the summer, so don't hate me for lack of footage just yet.

I want to thank The Jungle MMA & Fitness for all my success in Grappling so far.


Trent, that last sentence is very nice of you but also unwarranted.

The reason you have success is your determination, willingness to listen, and hard work. Throw in some natural talent and you have a recipe for success..

of course, the Jungle is proud to claim you, but we play just a small part in your success..

Thank you Tom :)

I'm always happy to be claimed as a student of The Jungle, only gym I've been apart of that feels like a real family, I couldn't imagine how far behind I would be without the teachings of You, Mike, Seth(s) and the rest of The IMS!

 Good stuff Trent

Thank you Shah.

 Nice job Trent, keep working hard.

Thank you for embedding Roo, I was waiting for that. :)

nice work.

Thank you Tubarao, much appreciated.