So Twitter 1.0 ( a publicly traded company ) Lied to investors over and over about
Bots and shadow banning accounts and a host of other things that may have been a detriment to the stock price

Who is ultimately accountable for the deception to investors?

If i bought twitter… and the Execs were secretly tanking the company to push an agenda and lying to investors about it

are they liable in any way?


Dorsey lied to Congress about that shit. Bald faced.


Or, did he just give the scripted answers that they instructed him to give beforehand?

He wouldn’t even go on Rogan without his keeper.


There’s not gonna be any accountability.

But even so, liberal shit bags are being exposed broadly. Elon getting ahold of Twitter is a powerful weapon against these scum of the earth that will continue to bear more and more fruit


Is either one okay

no they aren’t and the stock price was more closely tied to their inability to properly monetize twitter.

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Dorsey lied to Congress about that shit. Bald faced.
Dorsey lied to congress and lied to shareholders

So did the other senior officers

Didn’t musk get fined for tweeting falsehoods about Tesla

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Musk got fined for saying he was taking Tesla private and he had financing lined up. That is stupidly simple market manipulation and not allowed.

Musk has repeatedly push full self driving cars for years and made absurd statements about it. He has not been fined for that.

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twitter lied to shareholders that accounts were not being shadow banned

internal docs say this was not the case

Imagine your biggest customer got cut off not because he broke the TOS but the CEO or lawyer didn’t like him.

ha! the senior execs made up a lie as to why they banned one of the most influential twitter accounts

they banned accounts and lied about it

im not a tweeter … but how is it monetized?

did twitter lose traffic/advertizers/revenues when they banned all these accounts?

If so -and they lied to shareholders - they are liable

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You and I both disagree with their arbitrary policy enforcement and public deception relating to their policies. But good luck trying to attach this to some sort of SEC enforcement action. Their practices weren’t designed to manipulate the stock price. They were designed to control who they wanted on their platform. I don’t see any reason why the SEC would be involved in this decision they made on how they portrayed their actions versus what they did.

I just finished doing my stupid continuing education for my series 7, 55, and 63 licenses so I have some knowledge with this dumb stuff.

No difference.

If they want to run their business into the ground then that is on them. There have been tons of publicly traded companies that have done that. It isn’t a violation of any rules to do that. I don’t think there is any sort of regulation regarding public truthfulness relating to Terms of Service and enforcement of them. It might have been unethical how they acted but it doesn’t mean it was illegal.

Also, continuing on the example of Elon I have a much bigger issue when he made statements that his cars should be viewed as appreciating assets due to the fully self driving ability. This would allow them to be used as Uber-type businesses when they weren’t in use by the owner. FSD is nowhere close to reality and this sort of statement is blatantly lies about the capability of the car.

Honestly, the Twitter board and Elon were perfect partners for each other. Both were selfish and egotistical. Neither of which is a SEC violation though.

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How is twitter monetized. It was through ad revenues

If twitter lied to advertisers or shareholders about bots or people being shadowbanned.

I would think they are liable

They can’t make up the rules as they go and then lie about them.

I disagree

If they want to run their business into the ground. No problem.

But when they lie to shareholders and then run the business into the ground. There is a problem