Twitter confirms “Twitter Blue”, for $2.99 per month

‘features’ include:

Undo Tweets
Changing theme color

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Twitter is for self-aggrandizing, pretentious, attention whores.

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I say what I think. Twitter is not for me

Why couldn’t it be Twitter Red??

Huh? Huh?


Which late night host pissed Harrison Ford off?

Fucking bigot racist misogynists!

That’s why?

Has to be. Blue is the color for boys (if you assume their gender).

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Twitter confirms ‘Twitter Black’, for black people only.

On a side note my tablet tried to auto correct ‘black people’ to ‘Black people’.

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So why aren’t you on there?

Jordan Schlansky : [trying to stump Harrison Ford] Well, the bull whip in the original film belonged to the stunt coordinator, and it was made by David Morgan in Washington state. It was eight feet in length and was made of calfskin with a twelve plate overlay. Subsequently, kangaroo hide versions were used in the following two sequels. They were most often ten feet and had red hide falls at the end. What was the color of the original whip’s fall?

Harrison Ford : [after audience laughter] … Who gives a shit?

On Conan.

An edit function on twitter would be amazing. Should be able to view the archived version though cause eincould see a lot of pundits and others going back and revising some comments

If you are paying for the service you should have more leeway.

Like saying what you want to say without being censored.

Hmmm. Interesting point. If they charge for a service and start to edit or hide your post does that further put them into publisher and allow twitter to be sued for false info?