Twitter Hack Hits Biden, Elon, Yeezy, Apple...


Many high-profile Twitter accounts simultaneously hacked to spread cryptocurrency scam

Add Bloomberg & Bezos to the list... wow: 

Damn. That's crazy.



The transactions into that Bitcoin wallet:

About $110,000 so far. 

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Sending people on twitter money: The true litmus test for retardation. 


Coordinated operation for sure. Someone hacked a Twitter employees account, which probably allowed them to not even have to worry about 2FA:

Twitter stock about to plummet today.

They just hacked Obama's account too, lol. Everyone speculating Trump is next.

Shut the fuckin thing down, lol. Wow! This isn't a case where the hacked an account(s), they've literally hacked Twitter itself.


Oh wow! They hacked the most prolific terrorist in the world's account, see below:

Basically, it would appear they basically have root access to anything internal on Twitter regarding user auth. Why on earth hasn't been pulled offline many minutes ago is a huge unforced error.

Why would anyone employed by twitter have access to passwords?

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Fuck social media. This forum is all I use anymore.


This one is the worst one yet, many kids follow this guy:


GoDieInACarWreck -

Why would anyone employed by twitter have access to passwords?

Passwords are not stored in plaintext.

The hack/exploit probably allows them to bypass user auth entirely.

E.g. Perhaps they figured out a way to reset a password to an email that the hacker specifies.

They definitely found a way to hack Twitter internally, in such a way that entirely sidesteps password auth and 2FA.

So, when do I get my money