Twitter reacts to GSP announcement

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                                Twitter reacts to GSP announcement 
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                    <p>When Georges St-Pierre announced that he was taking an indefinite leave of absence, vacating the UFC&nbsp;welterweight title, and coming back maybe later maybe tonever, the response on Twitter was massive and immediate.</p>

UFC 360 Magazine @UFC360
"I chose to do this sport and now I choose not too. Mentally, it's a lot of pressure. No one can understand it but me." - @GeorgesStPierre

 Vitor Belfort @vitorbelfort
@GeorgesStPierre I admire you posture. You are a true champion I will miss your fights . go enjoy life u deserve champ

 Julie Kedzie @julesk_fighter
Thank you @GeorgesStPierre for being an amazing competitor and champion. Much respect and love. Good luck to you in our future endeavors!

 Brendan Schaub @BrendanSchaub
GSP is my hero and always will be. Happy for him. Get some sleep my friend! #bestever

 Kenny Florian @kennyflorian
Spoke with #GSP & I couldn't be happier for him. He's in a great place right now. Hasn't slept this well in several years. Enjoy my friend!

 Ben Askren @Benaskren
•Sounds like GSP is hanging up the gloves. I say the UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship hosts an old school 8 person Grand Prix for the new welterweight champion and #2 WW in the world behind me.
•WHAT!!!!! Lawler for the title, he is 4-3 in his last 7. Condit got screwed on this deal.

 Loretta Hunt @lorettahuntmma
I'm happy for GSP and applaud him for doing what he believes is right for him. The man needs a break. He's earned it.

 Chatri Sityodtong @YODCHATRI
I predict GSP will be back. It is one thing to quit when you are happy and content. It is another thing to quit when you have problems.

 Mike Goldberg @MFG16
@GeorgesStPierre won more fights than anyone in UFC History...he epitomizes champion...thank you for the honor of calling your fights!

 Joe Rogan @joerogan
•Much respect for @GeorgesStPierre for having the awareness and the courage to step away from fighting. It was an honor calling your fights.
•A fighter can't retire too soon, but they can certainly retire too late. GSP is a very smart man, and I hope many learn from his example.
•One of the reasons great fights are so amazing to watch is that every fighter's time is limited. A brief moment in time to attempt greatness
•GSP achieved not just championship level performances, but he set the benchmark for future UFC athletes to attempt to surpass.

 Coach  @CMPunk
In regards to GSP, I get it. Leave him alone.

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All my best to GSP. He'll always be among the best ever.

Merci pour tout, Georges. Phone Post 3.0

Take care brush your hair Phone Post

"A fighter can't retire too soon, but they can certainly retire too late. "

Rogan with the truth.


Rogan, very insightful.

LOL @ Goldberg reciting one of his statistics even here.

<blockquote>Jons Forsberg - best news in years, finally a guy in MMA who's smart enough to retire at the top.</blockquote><br />Dude, for real.<br/><br/>I've seen others criticizing GSP for the way he went out... What? He fought his ass off, had nothing to do with the judges decision.<br/><br/>Any doubts I had about GSP before he fought Hendricks, were squashed.<br/><br />I havetremendous amount of respect for the man.<br/> <br/>He can do WHATEVER he wants with his life.

I know that Georges will excel at whatever he chooses to do with the rest of his life. Thank you for your dedication to the sport, and the sacrifices that you've made over the years. You're a smart man, and you've made the best decision you could have made.

There is nothing more important than a clear mind. Good for GSP. I hope he can maintain this clarity of thought and finds peace in his life.

What more could he want to accomplish or prove in MMA? The guy has done it all, and done it with class. He embodies what other athletes should strive to be. Enjoy your break from the sport GSP, you more than earned it!

This is good to see a fighter recognizing they need to get away from it and having the courage to stick to their convictions.

Good luck with whatever the future brings you GSP Phone Post 3.0

Good for him and well deserved.

All class and one of the greatest champions we've ever had in MMA.

I like CMPUNK's fist bump acknowledgement of the pressure to perform. Different business but that guy is a workhorse in the WWE

regardless of how you call that Hendricks fight, GSP has had one of the best careers ever. Possibly even the best. Rare to see a high level fighter go out on a winning streak and as champion. Couldn't have happened to a better fighter. Whether it's a break or full on retirement, he's earned the right to do whatever he wants.

Askren just had to get himself in there didn't he?

Thank you for the years of great fights, being as honorable as you are, and for being a warrior with class.

GSP is a big time fav of mine so I'm sad to see him go.

However, if this is in fact the end, I'm really glad to see a guy leave on top.

Plus, I'm VERY excited about what this does to the division and the killer fights we'll see......

r_o_y - Askren just had to get himself in there didn't he?
I was thinking the same thing. What a hack he is Phone Post 3.0

My all time favourite fighter.. I Hope he sorts out his stuff and comes back to challenge for his belt again... Phone Post 3.0

smart man
great fighter