Twitter reacts?

Im just curious, of who the people are in the twitter reacts to this fight that fight. Umm it used to be i knew the names of the people . Maybe its just me, but i dont know who any of those ppl are anymore, wasn't fighters? Phone Post 3.0

Thought the same! Phone Post 3.0

lmao I wish I could vote you up, OP. Phone Post 3.0

Kostakio - lmao I wish I could vote you up, OP. Phone Post 3.0

I got him. Spot on OP

Damn right OP. Who the fuck are these people, and why do we care what they have to say? VU Phone Post 3.0

Literally just read that and came to bitch about it lol. What a lame edition. Phone Post 3.0


I was thinking the exact same thing and then clicked on this thread.

It's the state of MMA today.

Watered down cards, followed by watered down versions of "Twitter reacts..." Phone Post 3.0

Same. Are we supposed to know who these people are or are they just random? Phone Post 3.0

It's probably because no one of relevance watched these cards. Phone Post 3.0