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Where does submission grappling, boxing, jiu-jitsu and wrestling cross-pollinate with computer science and information science technology expertise? The location is Massachusetts, and the knowledge is housed inside the mind of Joe "J-Lau" Lauzon - a walking contradiction not to be confused with the steamy Latin songstress of the same-sounding moniker.

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For the most part, Joe Lauzon has a one-track mind. Like most UFC fighters, Lauzon doesn't let his thoughts wander from his next fight. But when Lauzon does reflect on his career -- which has the 23-year-old quickly rising up the lightweight division ranks -- he points to one thing as the most important: having mixed martial arts legend B.J. Penn as his coach on "The Ultimate Fighter 5."

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War Lauzon- Joe ain't no "nerd"

Hey Joe, I like your '8000 ft' pic on BeenUp2 LOL! StagR!! :)

Good shit on the articles too. I drive past that big ass UFC ad on Sunset everyday! lol

Joe why did you drop the "baby joe" nickname?

TTT for J-lau

Hey Joe Where you going with that GI in your hand?

good shit...may have to throwdown some $$$ on ya Joe!


hey Joe, are you going to sell prints of the shirt for your UFN coming up?

"Hey Joe Where you going with that GI in your hand?"


Should come out to that song, great fucking tune.

TTT for Creepy "Ain't No Nerd" Joe!

that pic with joe and BJ is classic

ttt, best of luck in your training Joe!!



two great articles.


there was soemthing on relating to this I think today

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War Lauzon!