Two Deers Box in the Woods (vid)

Follow the link for deer fighting in the woods:

No clear winner here, both showed great heart.  Wild animals need to do this on film more often.


Holy shit, thats real!

they want their bread

So do they stop it just before both those bucks get shot?

Shit technique. It's just like the gay cyclist fight vid.

all body shots too!

Reminds me of a speeded up version of that video of those two cyclists fighting.

Why the hell would you throw down hoof when you have the equivilent to a set of steak knives strapped to your head!?

Akosa, looks like you and Robin sparring

lol Konjo Gear

damn slap fight!

I blame all the video games young deer are playing and heavy metal music they listen to nowadays on that disgusting display.

It must be frustrating to be a deer.

I am personally disturbed at the improper grammar in the thread title.

The plural form of "deer" is also "deer."

jon hancock I saw that as well.

By the way, anyone else immediately think...Rockem Sockem Robots?

Live in Vegas is correct.

I also think this is bad for the sport.

hmm...if it went to the ground imaging the leverage for a neck crank...

If one of them drops to all fours, is it considered a knockdown?