Two dogs share an ice cream cone (vid)

At a McDonald's drive-thru -

Lmao VU! My fiancé and I can't stop laughing. Video of the day! Phone Post 3.0

Hahaha. Cooper rules Phone Post 3.0


Haha...I am not sure that was a fair split. Cooper inhaled that shit.

Some kid is going to have a bad day if they ever try to pet him while holding an ice cream cone.

Yeah well cooper looks like he's had a hard life which might explain eating quickly before its taken,daisey looks like a spoiled little puggle.

Lmao that was great Phone Post 3.0

Holy shit that's hilarious! I was thinking "WTF lady, let Cooper have some....then she did lol Phone Post 3.0

Hahaha. Phone Post 3.0

I love dogs and women. Phone Post 3.0

woman sounds horrible, but the dogs are awesome. gotta love feeding your dogs fastfood too, MURICA!!!!!!!!

I want to see the rest of the vid where Cooper suffers from one massive brain freeze!!!

That was fucking awesome

War Cooper