Two faced MMA members

I find it interesting that people will often come to the HG and feign genuine interest in Christianity and then go to the OG and bash the faith in the most obscene and disrespectful way possible including such things as picturing Jesus naked and engaging in a homosexual act with another man.  

What I wonder about is whether these guys even see a problem with what they do or if they think they are justified because they hate Christianity.  I especially don't understand a person who comes to the HG to share a problem or ask for advice or prayers and then turn around and completely bash the beliefs of the people they were turning to for help.  I just don't get it.

I hope you're not talking about me. I post on here because even though I'm not a Christian, I do consider many on here my friends. I can disagree with people on religion, but still be their friend.

I asked for positive words/thoughts for my son recently because I think good things can happen.


No its not you but you kind of wrote that like it would be acceptable for you to bash Christianity on the OG.  Do you think that is respectful behavior?  Remember there is a difference between pointing out what you think is wrong with a belief system and actually going out of your way to bash it and mock its adherents and try to find any way possible to denigrate what they hold sacred. 

I don't think it would be "ok" for me to bash Christianity on the OG and anything I would ever say on there I would say in here.

You also have to understand that for some people, the mere questioning of their faith, is equated to "bashing".

I know that reading text and trying to interpret what the other person really means can be difficult but many times there is a lot of projection going on.

I think both sides are guilty.


Yes some people are too sensitive but that is not really what I am talking about. 

who did this?

I know bro.

If I see something that's really offensive, I delete it. Problem is that I usually don't click on threads that look like time-bombs so I don't get to monitor a lot of the crap that gets posted.

Bring it to my attention and I'll take care of it.


yeah Ridge, you might as well let us know who it e mail if you'd like. Just so we know not to feed the trolls.


Come on. We're all pervs.

ok, ok its me.......umm, nevermind I havent posted on the OG in months.

Well, who is it? Hold us accountable. Ask for an explanation. It's, in the end, for all our benefit.

...or is this an "I'm watching you..." thread to try to make people think twice about Christ-bashing on the OG?

Shut up blud your the only one with a sandy crotch you blaspheming fundi!!!

Accountability doesn't have to include self-righteousness on the part of the accuser either. Maybe just a "what's up? Why are you doing X,Y and Z?" instead of "You effin' hypocrite! How could you be asking us to pray for you on the HG and go and do X,Y,Z on the OG. That's messed up, man. Make up your mind, but don't waste our time...blah blah blah".

The first sets up the encounter for success and has lots of possibilities for response. The other is a vengeful, self-righteoous and condemning attack that temporarily slakes and satisfies the anger, but causes more problems in the end.

(I know. I'm good at the latter)

it would be embarrassing if it was one of the people on this thread who forgot they did it.

I didn't bring this up because of one person.  I brought it up because I have seen it with a few people over the past several months.  I have no interest in divulging who has done this but I am just perplexed that it happens at all.  I know the OG is full of Christian bashers but what I don't get are the ones who come here and ask a bunch of apparently sincere questions and then turn around and mock the faith when they are trying to impress people.

I joke about everything on the OG!

So I'll call myself out

Yeh I saw that too and it was pretty low.....

Oh, I should state that I was not the person Ridge referred to.

whats the thread title 5 pointer. I'm not monitoring it to take any sort of action. I just want to know to avoid feeding a troll here.

"but what I don't get are the ones who come here and ask a bunch of apparently sincere questions and then turn around and mock the faith when they are trying to impress people"

People do it because they are bored I guess. It's a type of trolling.