Two FDA directors stepping down

Disagreement with white house over booster shot prompt senior FDA directors to step down


Im guessing forced to quit


Last 2 with any backbone are gone, door’s open boys!


Knew the 3rd jab would kill more people and didn’t want it on their conscience. Good move on their part.


They’re setting up to give Biden all the rope so that he can hang himself.

k-pop dat ass GIF

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Maybe those guys are somehow even shadier than the rest and working on some other angle, but if not, nice to see there might be some people close to this with a conscience and sense of professionalism.

Don’t worry someone from moderna or pfizer will fill those spots very quick

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What is going on in this gif?
I’d like to be in that spot…

If the booster shots aren’t enough to get you to believe something is fucked, nothing will.

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I wonder if they will go to work for Pfizer or monderna?