Two Great Events in May by FIGHTLEAGUE

Fightleague Grappling Tournament - May 2, 2010

We welcome all styles, schools and athletes to Fightleague’s first GRAPPLING Tournament on May 2nd 2010.

This event will be held on 5 full size wrestling mats at Santa Ana High School in Orange County, California.

This tournament is designed to introduce FILA’s International Style of Grappling to the Jiu Jitsu and Grappling Community. Since this is not a USAW event, membership cards are not necessary to compete.

We made this event as convenient as possible to maximize exposure.

To compete:
• Show up two hours prior to your division start time, pay your $40 registration fee ($30 for youth divisions and Military Personnel) and weigh in.
• Weight classes will be blocked into 8 “man” double elimination brackets based on registrations. This eliminates the need for cutting weight.
• Each age group has a scheduled start time so your down time will be minimized.

We have modified FILA’s International Rules slightly (based on feedback) and will report our findings to their rules committee. We also ask for your feedback as participating athletes and coaches? The folks at FILA are working hard to find the fairest set of rules to satisfy both the wrestler and pure Jiujitsu stylist.

To further facilitate advanced level participation we have created special Advanced Level Single Elimination fixed weight Tournament with up to a $300 cash award at 150lbs, 170lbs, 185lbs, 205lbs and Heavyweight. This special tournament will occur just prior to the regular event to encourage coach’s participation.

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6th Annual US Armed Services Pankration Championships - May 15, 2010

This free event is open to active duty and reservists from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Guard. We changed Venues to the Paige Fieldhouse located in the Mainside area of Camp Pendleton to accommodate the huge amount of competitors expected to compete this year!

Pankration is an international form of Wrestling sanctioned by FILA which closely resembles MMA. Unlike MMA, Pankration has a transparent scoring system and prohibits techniques likely to cause injury. The rules facilitate constant action and excitement for competitors and spectators alike.

This is a double elimination tournament with most athletes fighting 2 to 4 five minute matches.

Individual awards for 1st , 2nd and (two) 3rd place finalists in each weight class (in both Open and Novice Skill Levels).

This free event is sponsored by Scion, Marine Corps Community Services and Military One Source.

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