Two Huge Komodo Dragons Fight on Indonesian Island (Clash of the Titans)

Dude should have pulled guard against the ground & pound wrestler…

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Body lock takedown to top control. Nice.

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Looked like a wrestling match

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That was extremely intense I shat my pants!!

Imagine being the first humans to show up in Australia and fight this fucking thing. They went extinct right around when humans showed up there.

Wouldn’t want to run into one of those things…

Didn’t know that.

Australia has the most deadly shit.

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I want to punch it in the face. Vile creatures.

I dare you to threaten the mighty dragon to his face.

You’d get your ass kicked by these gangsters. On sight…

There’s no way I would be that close to an in aged Komodo dragon.

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Loser has to sit still while the winner scratches him up and possibly break his legs