Two Matches from this weekend

can I get a blue name to help me out

match 1

 match 2

Well, you do take jumping guard to a whole new level. For a second there I thought you were taxiing down the runway in order to take off. ;)

Did you step up a weight class or something? Opponent looks a good bit bigger than you.

Altogether, both matches were nice watches. Gripfighting can use some work, but you stayed busy in guard and didn't really let your opponent get/maintain posture. Don't care much for deep half guard and other gumby generation stuff(not that I really understand it, either), but I really would've liked to see you hit that tai-otoshi.

Congrats and thanks for sharing!

You have a very good ground game> I've seen some of your other matches on you tube and your top game is just as effective. YOu take your time and set it up. Can't figure out why the guy was so much bigger and couldn't break your guard? Staying in closed guard was a losing strategy. Look like he got tired. You still competing in judo? Are you going to compete ( evetually) in tournaments like the BJJ Pan Ams or BJJ World Championships?

I did step up 2 weight classes to the leve division I am usually competing at Pluma and probably dropping to Galo for the bigger tournaments next year. I am still active in Judo but I havent competed in a year, Its hard to find guys my size I always get pooled up with the 170+ lb guys. There is a lot more opportunity where I live to do BJJ tournaments. I did the Pan Ams this spring and lost in a close match to Jonathan Van Buren who got 3rd and then 2nd in the Mundials, I look forward to doing one or both this next year.

Thanks for the feedback. I understand the problem getting guys in your (judo) weight div and having to pool up in locals. You have the "game" for BJJ. Hopefully some of the BJJ forum members can help you along in your development with their comments. Keep posting your matches. Every compete at the judo Nationals? You would get your weight class there for sure.

I would like to compete at that high level of a Judo tournament, but without being able to do many tournaments to help in my training it just seems like a long shot to be able to do well.

Thanks for the reply. There are regional judo tournaments where the level is higher but not as high as the nationals. Hope to see more of your BJJ matches in the future. And some feedback from BJJ forum members. YOu will get more feedback if you lose your BJJ match on this forum. Judo guys winning in BJJ is not received well. Gary Butts posts his daughters Erin (13) And Crystal (17)(Butts) BJJ/no gi grapping matches on the judo forum and you tube. Erin beats all the boys and just man handles them. Chrystal has good technique/experience and wins all her matches usually. Crystal wears her USA judo patch on her gi which is so cool at BJJ tournaments.