Two PS4's on the same router issues

Call me crazy but through a series of events I now own two PS4's. I had planned to get my nephews a game each for their PS4 for Christmas. I saw the black friday bundle with GTA5 and Last of Us and couldn't resist. I gifted my wife the PS4 and will give the newphews the games. Now she has her own PS4 which I use as an entertainment center in our living room as well. Now here comes the kicker. Once I got her PS4 all hooked up and on the living room tv I went to shoot people in the face with my friends (CoD). I could log into the game and play multiplayer solo and I could join a PS party with my friends, but I could not join an in game party. The NAT (whatever the heck that is) does not liek two PS4's playing at the same time. Long story short I had to go into router settings and change my PS4 to a DMZ (Dunno what that means either). So for anyone who has kids or any selfish jerks like myself who want their own, non wife touched PS4, you will need to do this if you plan to have both playing online at once. I can't really answer questions as I just idiotically found my way through the whole process with some google help. Just thought I'd toss it out there for the few who may encounter the same issue.

Lol least you have a workaround. We have 2 360s, similar type setup, but XBL is a POS and doesn't let them both be on the same gamer tag simultaneously. I'm working in Toronto this week but packed my 360 for the new Destiny dlc, and last night I was in the middle of the raid, got booted, and got the "you profile has been signed in elsewhere" message. The wife decided to do a workout dvd we spent the next 10 minutes kicking each other off live before I reminded her she didn't need the profile to play a dvd.

Change the password!!! My wife and I realized long ago we cannot share the same gamertag

Probably need this for after the holidays Phone Post 3.0

glad I posted it then. Was kind of a pita to figure out what was going on.