Two Technique Questions

Two tech questions:

1. What is a good attack when someone is struggling to remove my grip on their lapel by grabbling my sleeve or wrist with both hands and yanking on my arm?

2. What's a good set up for my righty grip, lefty drop seio nage?

Thanks guys.

  1. typing this out would suck. the best advice is for you to get either the GRIPS book by Neil Adams (masterclass series), get GRIP LIKE A WORLD CHAMPION by Jimmy Pedro on DVD, go to seminars with some decent Judokas, or find a coach who knows a thing or two about real Judo.

    2. the best set-up for anything is a movement pattern or primary/secondary waza choice that you are actually good with. It is a waste to try to use a throw that you cannot actually throw somebody with as a combination. they simply will not believe it.

I can only give you my natural reactions since I have been in competition and this has happened.

1) Their weight is usally back when they grab and push your hand down and away (like you described) and even though I might have one had on a sleeve I try to regrip the collar. I don't think about throwing until I regrip, but this is me.
2) Not sure I competely understand your question. Is the opponent same stance or opposite stance. Are you asking throwing to the collar grip side?