Two thumbs up for IFL

Superior announcing to UFC, team concept emphasizes the sport aspect of MMA, and the fans weren't drunken idiots booing at anything less than a KO. Good stuff.

I dont know about superior announcing, in fact I though IFL announcing was mediocre at best. However, it was nice not hearing Goldie say "these are not boxing gloves in which they are wearing" and using words like "disadvantagously." Other than that the show was good but I think superior to the UFC is taking it a little far.

good show

and Shoenhauer's heel hook was sick!!


IFL is sweet!!! Team concept works for wrestling, will work for MMA. Fighters on salary means more time for fighters to train, means better fighters. Example, Shoenhauer's heel hook, nuff said. Rumors of Pat v Renzo, rumors of Bas's return. I will definitely catch every show.

team or no team, they are still fights.

Plus with the team concept people will be foreced to fight each other. it iwlll be cool

I can't wait to see some international teams.

I`ll watch it for the fights and to see some unknown fighters I have never seen before. Thats about it.

The quality of fighters the IFL is snagged is much better than the talent pool in any of the TUFs and a lot of the UFN fighters.