Two tickets to any UFC event you want - give away

   Whats up UG.

I won two tickets to any UFC event in the original Dana romo contest by Crooklyn and CindyO and have yet to use them. It's not that I wouldn't love to use them, I'm an MMA FANATIC. You will never hear me saying stuff like "xxx card looks weak" blah blah whatever. I watch any and all MMA events and I enjoy them all to the fullest. But... since I'm in FL and always have a ton of things going on, I just can't see myself using them anytime soon, so rather than sit on these tickets any longer I am going to give them back to the UG.

I planned on coming up with a contest for them...

Then I thought about making a 10 minute version of the shoemoney grey name thread! (muhuhauhahah j/k)

But ultimately I've decided that it would be cool to have you all nominate one stand out UG'er that you think really deserves a pair of free tickets to any UFC event of their choosing.

Each UG'er can make one nomination!

This Sunday (14th) we will formulate a top three out of the nominations.

(I may need help here just to keep it legit if it isn't a landslide)

Then we'll do a 24hr POLL thread where the UG can vote to choose one of the three finalists to win the pair of tickets.

Have fun with it and good luck!


- Chandler Chaos


The UG has spoken! Voting over and winners announced on p.6

Congratulations to


(Runner up #1) LOOKOUTAWHALE

(Runner up #2) DAMNSEVERN

EFF the UG!



 Very cool of you to do this....

I'd nominate LookoutaWhale


 I don't have a suggestion, but you're the facking man

The Persian Devil

 Damn Severn!

very nice of you

I'd like to throw my hat in the ring, as an up and comer, I know support will be limited, but hey, here's my hat Phone Post


Caposa or DamnSevern

If it's a tie, then Caposa.

I would like to nominate myself.

Poor boy, big fan, never been to a UFC.

Damnsevern Phone Post


lookoutawhale or DamnSevern off the top of my head... and possibly the amazingly clever yet ruggedly handsome mixedmartialfarts.

DamnSevern or Caposa for sure. Both of your contributions to the UG are tremendous and I for one appreciate it. Thanks guys!!

lookoutawhale for sure

jjj2121 - superCalo
It has to happen.