Two WWE Divas Turning Heel?

WWE Divas Cameron and Naomi better known as the “The Funkadactyls” worked as heels for their match against Layla and Natalya during last night’s WWE Superstars tapings.
There is some speculation that this might be a permanent heel turn - nothing is confirmed at this stage.

And the crowd goes mild....

Bah Gawd this is going to turn the whole WWE Universe upside down Phone Post 3.0

lol, I'd like to give those two a chocolate shatner

sadly, that constitutes about a quarter of the current diva roster.

Chocolate Shatner - And the crowd goes mild....
More like zzzz Phone Post 3.0

So there are two diva faces? Kaitlyn and Layla? Weird Phone Post

Turn the Funkadactyls along with Sweet T and Clay heel.  Sweet T and Clay could work as monster heels in the new and upcoming tag division.

They'll probably turn the Bellas into faces just to promote that whole Total Divas show on E. Phone Post

Kaityns heel turn is imminent. Wyatt family just got sexier. You heard it here first. Phone Post 3.0