TX Police Chief Suicides After Sex Assault Warrant

Officials say the police chief of a small Central Texas town shot and killed himself when Texas Rangers arrived at his home.

McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara told local news stations that Rangers met Marlin Police Chief Nathan Sodek on the porch of his Bruceville-Eddy home around noon Friday to serve him a warrant.

McNamara says Sodek, 30, turned and ran back into his house, got a handgun and killed himself.

Nathan Sodek (Credit: Facebook)


McNamara says the Rangers had been investigating Sodek on sexual assault allegations.

Sodek was named interim police chief in October 2018 and was given the job permanently last November.

Home to about 1,700 residents, Bruceville-Eddy is 18 miles southwest of Waco and 20 miles west of Marlin, which is home to about 5,600 residents.



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Serra, Matthew 

bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?

looks like he was guilty

Police chief at 30.

Yeah that's a small town.

Holy shit how did I not hear about this? That 15 minutes from me. Yeah bruceville?eddy is tiny. 

inf0 - looks like he was guilty

Yeah, not the expected actions of an innocent man

Pacinko -

Police chief at 30.

Yeah that's a small town.

Ive been to a wedding in Eddy. It was tiny, also a dry town. Nobody knew. Most boring wedding ever. 

Rest in shit coward 

I wonder if the Rangers told him that before he was taken in, he could have a minute to, uh....go to the bathroom. 


Save the taxpayers a bunch of money....

Gotta respect a cop who is that tough on crime

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