TX Sub Challenge Q&A info

Answers to a few Questions.1)Is there an event hotel? ANSWER: YES Event Hotel: The Amerisuites hotel in Irving. You can find the contact info by clicking on the link below the rate is 49.99 per night. Simply tell them you are with the Texas Submission Challenge. THE HOTEL HAS A SHUTTLE THAT CAN TAKE YOU TO THE VENUE. BUT DOES NOT PROVIDE TRANSPORTATION TO AND FROM THE AIRPORT.BUT HURRY SPACE IS LIMITED! Amerisuites Hotel 2)I am flying in from out of town what airport is closest?DFW airport is closest to the airport hotel and venue.3)How much are tkts for spectators?Spectator tkts are $8.004)Is there a list of competitors or schools taking part in this event.The following is not a complete list if you see your school is not listed please feel free to add it.Elite Martial arts Solis Martial artsStar Jiu-JitsuMohlers Jiu-JitsuFTAATTRoyce Gracie - Newcastle, OKThird ColumnRelson Gracie Jiu-JitsuJackson's Gaidojutsu Submission Fighting, Alb. NMfightin rangersPittman's Academy of Martial ArtsTeam LutterDallas Lions DenTexas powerhouseNDBJJCobra KIMachadoSouthlake Bjj5)If I fight in the Pro-Division, can I fight (insert ATT member name here) In the first round?NO. We are not accepting special requests from anyone concerning who they will fight first. We will be seating the professional brackets by roughly ranking the competitors by their probability of winning the bracket. This will allow us to separate some of the more highly favored competitors into different sections of the bracket to avoid having the top competitors fight too early in the elimination rounds. 6)Can I pre-register and not attend the weigh ins on Friday night?Yes However by weighing IN Friday night you will save yourself and us valuable time. Should you choose to weigh in the day of the event PLEASE BE ON TIME BETWEEN 8AM-9AM.7)When and where are the pre-event registration and weigh ins to be held?We will be holding them at the event hotel Friday night May 28th between 7 and 9pm8)When is my LAST CHANCE TO PRE-REGISTER?[b]ON-LINE REGISTRATION WILL END ON THE 26TH OF MAY AFTER THAT YOUR LAST CHANCE TO PRE-REGISTER WILL BE FRIDAY NIGHT AT THE WEIGH-INS!SAME DAY REGISTRATION WILL BE CUT OFF AT 9AM!!! AND IS LIMITED TO CASH OR CASHIERS CHECK ONLY![/b]

9) What is the street address of the venue?

10) Are you taping any of the fights for later video or dvd distribution?

Mr. Brown,Here are your answers9) What is the street address of the venue?Where: The University of Dallas, Maher Athletic Center. Maher Athletic Center 2900 Gorman Drive Irving, TX 75062 get map to the University HERE10) Are you taping any of the fights for later video or dvd distribution? We were in talks with BadBreed to have them film the event however they may not be able to make it do to other obligations. Scotty has exspressed and interest in filming some of the matches to show at on the mat. However at this time we do not have any DVD production planed. Perhaps in the future.

11) - Is Checkers really a sleestack?


His story is well documented and these sorts of things hurt him.

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Doug...if you're interested in a DVD, let me know.

I won't be able to film it (out of town), but I can do all of the editing, no prob

Let me know if interested: bjjbeartrap@yahoo.com

- Collin



9 out of 11 years of post high school education done. 2 more years and I come out to play


long live texas mma/bjj/subwrestling

The event is at the University of Dallas, not University of Texas at Dallas (UTD). University of Dallas is located in Irving near Texas Stadium.

5 more days folks..........

Jon is a coach at Mohlers I used to train with him way back in the day good guy and a true BJJ addict we all can recal at least one instance of john showing up in his shirt and tie to "just watch" and then ending up on the mat in his dress clothes.

So he has the calliflower now huh?

LOL I think some people are just prone to it.

Jon is very cool. One of the nicest guys you'll meet in the sport and a great instructor!!

Not suprised. Jon wanted to go as well but someone in his family is getting maried, so he asked his wife if they could just stay home.