Tyler Mountain Karate?

I'm moving to Cross Lanes, and I'd like to train at Butch's place in Charleston, but I'm going to be working crazy hours during the week and I don't know if I can get off work, get back to Cross Lanes, clean up, take care of stuff at the house, and get back to Charleston without being really, really late.

There's a link on Butch's page to "Tyler Mountain Karate," and apparently they do some BJJ along with karate and kickboxing.

Does anyone know these folks, or have you heard anything about them? If I can find a good gym right there in Cross Lanes, that'd make life a lot easier, because the evening commute is going to be a bitch otherwise.


The Advanced BKJ guys are top notch, Seems everyone has a belt. Butch is one of the nicest guys I have ever met. Go to Butch's site and he will prolly hook you up with the Cross Lanes guys. later John

we moved to the main Advanced BKJ Gym. kickboxing classes our on tuesday nights from 6 -8

Were located @ the Ayash Sports Complex now. @ 2400 Kanawha Terrace St. Albans WV .

for more info call (304) 722-1315