Type 2 Diabetic: Diet help

My doc wants me to eat a lot more protein and a lot less carbs. Also have to stay away from sugar, of course.

I know some of you guys have experience with losing weight and dieting. Would appreciate if anyone had suggestions for a grocery list that fits a high protein-low carb diet. I'm not real handy in the kitchen but have all the equipment and I'm motivated to change my lazy ways when it comes to food prep. Thanks for any help! Phone Post 3.0

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Are you now taking meds for your diabetes such as Insulin?

Your height and weight?

How old are you OP? If you don't mind me asking.

bacon and eggs for breakfast

cook a bunch of chicken tenders and put them in your frige. Make a salad and eat several chicken tenders for lunch.

Steak / veggies for dinner.

say bye bye to your erections

I beat type 2 diabetes. Well, I went from daily pills to almost 2 years now medicine free. My number is 4.7, I believe.

I went sugar free in the beginning. Salad, lean meats, lots of chicken. Now I have some stuff with sugar. My main foods I eat all the time are still sugar free. Splenda really helped.

Thanks for the responses guys. To answer some questions I'm 6'1, 265#. 36 years old. I'm taking meds but not insulin at this point. Feel like I still have time to turn some things around for the better if I can lose weight. Phone Post 3.0

EnderinAK - I eat a ketogenic diet as I am also a type 2 diabetic. Because of my ketogenic diet I have completely normal A-1 test results now, in fact they are good for a non diabetic and they have no way of knowing I am diabetic except for previous test results.

The ketogenic diet really isn't complicated but it is difficult.

The biggest source of carbohydrates I eat is vegetables. I don't eat fruit. I don't eat bread, I don't eat grains.

I eat cheese but usually cheddar as it is carb free.

I eat a lot of meat, I eat a lot of eggs. I get to eat lots of yummy steaks and burgers, just no bun.

If you have a sweet tooth it is really difficult.

Snacks are almost always real high fat and high calorie.

I am not sure if you can do that, I think it is 50/50 if someone has the willpower to go the two weeks to a month to normalize your body to it.

If you do a ketogenic diet for 3 weeks your blood sugar numbers should be like 80 in the morning and under 100 all day. You should feel 10x better.

The weight loss would either come if you eat in a caloric deficit or if you are more active or if you are lucky at hit just the right combination of fat/protein to effectively make you burn excess fat. You would probably lose 10-15 pounds quickly then stabilize until you went into a caloric deficit.

if you want to lose weight i would recommend lots of eggs, lots of chicken, turkey and ask much spinach, lettuce, cucumbers as you can eat. I use the cheddar to flavor all of that.

This is a lecture from a doctor who specializes in this. If you watch it just remember that what he says about beef jerky isn't correct. Any beeg jerky at the store will have some sugar in it. Just make sure it fits into the amount of carbs you want to have. A slim jim or two is fine but if you binge on them you will definitely get kicked out of ketosis.

This guy killed it right here.

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I think you can have some carbs as long as you consume them with protein, since it will slow down their digestion.

I was hypoglycemic as a kid, and I couldn't have any sugar.

I could have carbs as long as I ate them with a protein. Straight carbs made me bonkers

Paleo is nonsense.

Buy Alan Aragon's book Lean Muscle Diet. Doesn't force you to give up entire food groups for the rest of your life.


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