Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fundraiser

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share with you all that there will be a Typhoon Haiyan relief seminar next weekend at Gracie Barra Corona in Corona, CA. This seminar is open to the public, all that is asked is a $25 cover. The event will be on Saturday (Dec 21st) from 9am-3pm.

This will be a good opportunity to not only support a good cause, but also learn from two big names in our sport:

Gustavo Pires

Other black belts will also be added to the list. I will also be sharing some stuff as well :)

In addition they will have professional Muay Thai fighter: Tiffany "Timebomb" Van Soest!

They will also be raffling some items from the events current sponsors:

Velocity Sport Performance Irvine
OnTheMat (OTM!!!) - thank you Scotty!
Gracie Barra Wear
Max Muscle
31/50 - thank you Derek Okahashi
Grounded Athletics - thank you Raul Martinez
Iron Lion Soap
Budovideos - Jake and Dave

Location and date:
Saturday December 21st, 2013
Gracie Barra Corona
280 Teller st, unit 100
Corona CA, 92879

For more info contact:
(951) 505-1441

Thank you guys! Phone Post 3.0


thanks again!

you a long way from home,good luck.will contact gracie torrance and see if they can donate something

ttt btw,OTM is always around to help ,props guys

what do you think would be better dvd's or a gi?

dave, helio 100th gi working on size and exchage size for the winner

How awesome 12. thank you so much!

You and Gracie Torrence, always coming through. I sure miss those guys, they were always so helpful when I stopped by to train.

I think the email listed would be best to use once they have decided on what they would like to do.


Again, thank you so much 12!

Did that email address work for you 12?

GB Dave Jr - Did that email address work for you 12?

yep,made contact

torrance is sending an a2,exchange can be made at torrance for a different size.good luck dave, hope you guys can raise some cash.sounds like a great seminar

Thanks again 12! I really appreciate it. I think the seminar is going to be a lot of fun. Phone Post 3.0

Ttt Phone Post 3.0


Wish I could go.

So here is the line up for the event:

9-10am registration and warm up
10-11am - David Sandoval (Me!) :)
11-12pm - BudoJake (Master of the omoplata and interviews)
12-1pm - Professional Muay Thai fighter Tiffany Van Soest
1-2pm - Gustavo Pires
2-3pm - Kayron Gracie

So far, I think we will have:

OTM gear to raffle off (more details coming soon, thanks OTM)
Limited Edition Helio Gracie 100 Gi (Thanks Gracie Academy and 12!)

I will try to find out more info regarding other prizes. Again, this event is open to all academies, please come by. $25 for a seminar with these guys is a steal. I feel so fortunate to be sharing the mats with them. If anyone has any questions, I will try to get the answers ASAP. Thanks!

bump,25$ wat a deal


dave ,let the winner of the gi know,if it dont fit,he can bring a freind with them and train the day of the exchange.

its kinda of a far drive from corona

Sweet! I think I might have to try and win it then :)


Thanks for the support guys, it means a lot!

Salamat. Much appreciated.

Well the event had a really good turn out.

We had raffle prizes donated by Grounded Athletics, Max muscle, Corona Muay Thai, Velocity performance, OnTheMat, Iron lion soap, Budovideos, Gracie Barra wear, and Gracie Academy Torrence. Thank you to all of our donors, with your help we manage to raise over $1700 and brought in tons of food and clothing.

12, thank you so much for helping again, we auctioned the gi for $190! I almost got it, but person that ended up with it is one of our black belts from Santa Barbara (JP Garcia). I think the size was perfect for him, but I told him he could exchange it and get some training in as well. I also gave a shout out for gracieuniversity.com because I shared with them how I have incorporated "super hooks" into my mount game.

Thanks everyone who attended. We even had people drive for over 4 hours just for the seminar! Thanks! Phone Post 3.0