Typical judo workout?

What do you guys do for your typical training session? It seems very hard to motivate a lot of people to work really hard. I mean, we are only rec players, but if you are going to take time away from your family or other areas of your life 3-4 times a week, don't you think you would want to put everything into it? This is an adult class.

Anyways, typically we warm up with running, stretching, pushups situps and squats, then break falls. Uchikomis. Practice a few techniques (standing and ground) then roll and randori. It seems like people start to half ass the uchikomis and practice of techniques. There are alot of things I think we could change, but I don't want to start changing things haphazardly. Any advice would be appreciated.

try starting with a game of soccer or piggy ball with music playing in the background for about 15 minutes...

or just go right into newaza techniques to warm up (not fighting, just techniques)...

anyone have any other ideas?


I've practiced at many clubs, and most practices vary... depending on what the club goals are. If they're training for competition, then I'd think that it'd be more rigorous, if it's just rec, then less rigorous. Let your sensei know what you want. I'm sure that there's at least one other person in your club will agree with you and maybe you two or three can train at other times.

this is a great workout.

running 10 minutes
100 uchikomis
3 rounds one sided randori... only one person attacks
3 rounds kumi kata
6 rounds randori - 5 minutes each
rest 5 minutes
6 rounds newaza
warm down - 50 judo pushups, 50 situps

maybe that looks a little familiar, huh famli?

thats the greatest thing in the world! we have the biggest practices in the world when people think we are gonna play piggy..

Jefferson was in Montreal for a few days and worked out there at the shidokan and brought it back.. we made some changes to the goals, but man.. love it.

Work in some agility drills, those can be pretty interesting for a change, and useful too.

Crash pads are fun as well.

Transition drills (standing to ground)

Ben R.


It truly does.

Will you be at the NTLS next year? If so will you be competing? I've already made hotel reservations. Will be making flight reservations with in the next few weeks.


piggy.. nuff said. =)

take a soft ball, like one of them foam stress-balls youd squeeze..

set up two goals. at SJSU we use medicine balls and place each in the middle of a 2-tatami square. NODBOY is allowed INSIDE of that square. gotta hit the medicine ball with the piggy to score.

at the shidokan they use tatami up against the wall as the goal. their rule is that the piggy has to hit the ground before it hits the tatami to score.. to make it difficult i believe they make their goalies lay down in front of the goal.

anyways.. the person with the piggy cannot move. they can only pass or shoot. the opposition is allowed to completely maul him as well (at SJSU we dont allow hard hits from the backside).

thats piggy.

Don't forget the 12 ounce curls at the end.

"Ben, Will you be at the NTLS next year? If so will you be competing? I've already made hotel reservations. Will be making flight reservations with in the next few weeks. "

No, sorry to say I won't be there. My wife is due with our second child in April, so any travel at that time of the year is out of the question!

Ben R.

Congratulations Ben to you and your wife.

Thanks all. I will try to work as many as I can in over the next month.

Pete Pelter

congrats on having another one on the way Ben!

wow.. seems like just yesterday when the first arrived i bet!

any idea if a boy or girl yet?

You can not underestimate the importance of Piggy!

the piggy is strong in you young skywalker!

you know its bad when you and your teammates are sitting at the Rendezvous in Montreal looking at the tatami and you say "its a shame we have to waste a perfectly good set-up like this without a game of piggy first."

Copied this from a MSN conversation, classic....

Piggy should be started as it's own sport

when the canadian team went to Sweden they got the Sweden team
into it huge

The Swedish coach was studying it all week at the training camp and
then started teaching his team how to beat the canadians

Piggy is great. I miss playing it, since my new club is not that big into anythign but technical crap, not even a good warm up. I think it should be a seperate event at judo comps. could be a great way to end the day.

I heard of a great spectator sport. I heard of a all female, naked Piggy game. That could be a good sport to watch.

What the hell is piggy?