Liverpool face Israeli trip in CL
Fri 28 Jul, 12:00 PM

Liverpool are facing a trip to war-torn Israel in the Champions League third qualifying round after being paired with Maccabi Haifa.Rafael Benitez's team face a two-leg match against the Israeli champions on August 8/9 and 22/23

Surely they won't actually play there though????

No worse than some parts of Liverpool though surely.

LOL...Mick, I'm sure there is a "reverse joke" in there somewhere...shall we see if we can write it...

I'll start...c

UEFA announced today that Liverpool will play Maccabi Haifa in the qualifying rounds of the Champions League.

Many observers are suggesting this fixture could be played in a neutral country...

....after the Israeli side complained that it was unsafe and irresponsible to travel to such a poverty stricken and damaged part of the World.

One member of the Maccabi Haifa first team was quoted, "Fuck that, the bin-dippers will have away the shoes on my feet if I go there"

While the Maccabi Haifa supporters association President has publicly stated that very few, if any of their supporters would put their lives and possessions before watching a football match. He added:

"It simply isn't worth the risk when we can just go to a local bar here in Israel and watch the game in a safe environment. However I'm sure some of our supporters will travel to the game, but I must make this clear, they do so at their own risk"...

lol !!!!!