Typify the Japanese grappling

Typify the Japanse grappling style

Is it some crazy mix of sambo,judo, wrestling and pro wrestling?

Can anyone shed any light on the whole history of its development in succinct bitesize chunks.

"is it some crazy mix of sambo, judo, wrestling and pro wrestling?"

Very unorthodox.

Very effective.

Is it better for vale tudo or is straight BJJ better?

Recently the japanse have really started to come on as of late, they're mixing efficient g+p from tbe guard with tight leg locks and strong wrestling.

However their guard passing is weak and sometimes it shows alot when the bottom guys has good defence.

Why pass the guard if you can punch effectively from there?

hence the question, which style is more suited for vale tudo.

It seems like the reaction to the guard based BJJ sysem has taken an evolutionary cycle in Japan.