Tyrell Roberts?!?!

I noticed that Tyrell Roberts won his fight this weekend at Iowa Challenge to bring his record to 4-0. I see on FCFighter Database that his trainers are Andre and Tyrone Roberts. He is listed at 6'2, 260. Is this kid Andre's son? He is listed as boxing/wrestling.

Peter P

yeah, he's Andre's son.

Cool, how old is he? I'll be interested in following his carreer. I'd like to see him make the UFC like his father and uncle. It will be interesting to see when he makes the next step and fights in an Extreme Challenge event.

Peter P


are they the only father/son to do MMA?

Stephen "Bozo" Palling and his son (also named Stephen) have both fought MMA. Mexican pro wrestlers Kato Kung Lee Sr. and Jr. have both fought MMA (and they both lost, both by armbar, to Kazuki Okubo).

Andre is Tyrell's father and Tyrell is a great up and coming fighter.He was very impressive last night

I think it would be very cool to have Andre and Tyrell fight on the same card. I doubt that that has never been done before. Monte Cox should hook that up.

Peter P

Damn, that's a BIG family.

ttt for Tyrell


he is a baby faced lookin kid, but dont let that fool ya. he has fast hands and good skills. he will be a force as a he gets older.

double post. sorry

Anyone know when Tyrell is scheduled to fight again?

We are taking Tyrell slow he is only 19 years old! We
will probably get him one more fight before the summer
is done! But he wants to play college football. He was
a 2nd team all state defensive tackle in Iowa and 2nd team all state punter.

Thanks for the input Tyrone. Wow, that's cool to know that Tyrell is such a good athlete. I look forward to seeing him fight more in the future.

Peter P

punting may come in handy if he should ever fight in pride!

lol @ warfrog. Good point.

Actually in all seriousness I'm surprised we haven't seen Andre Roberts in Pride since he's so huge. I wouldn't be surprised to see Tyrell in Pride in the future.

Peter P

Hey ronnie what up fool? I should make my way to the frogpad soon!

lol @ warfrog