Tyrion lannister, Matt mcnaughey, and Gary oldman

Judge for yourself but I laughed for like 2 hours straight no matter how serious the movie tried to be 



Was super wasted at the time but...any scene Gary old man comes in walking on his knees like fucking fucking Martin Lawrence LMAO

The ending is the best SPOILER ALERT















MCcaugahey gets dumped for his midget brother

How Did This Get Made had an episode on this. I think the movie made $17.00

I have to see this!

Reviewers said the story came up short in several places


When Gary oldman comes on screen acting hard as fuck....but walking on his knees like Martin Lawrence. It's just fuck by out of control and I'm pretty sure got pushed under the rug or something. ITS VERYGOOD 


This movie is real? Looks like an extended Saturday night live skit 

It's real and a really good movie 

Really good 



I thought, there's no way that's real, but it is.

For such a good actor Oldman sure does pick some terrible movies to be attached to.

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2breath2feel -

It's real and a really good movie 

Don't tell people that.