Tyron quit

“Ala Lebron”?? Did Colby post this?

Mechanical Bull -

Love this sport, hate to see anyone with a serious injury. Hope hes ok

He’s fine...  

Will hurt most on nights when he can’t get to sleep.  

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James Franco - 

Damn, Tryon is Colby's slave now 

Yea, Colby freaking owned him…

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Lol I literally said he quit at the end of round 2.   woodley broke.  That guy has every tool to be and stay champ.  Sad to watch honestly. 

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Black ribs matter


Tyron wants equal rights. Colby gave him equal rights and lefts.


Tyron cheated, he held the cage for like 20 seconds

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Colby just applies too much pressure. Tyron looked like he was game in the first round. After that he started to look like he questioned being there. He just seems to be too mentally fragile. He appears gun shy and hesitant to advance. Colby outworked him and unfortunately it looked like Tyron was looking for a way out.

BLM mentality, folds under resistance


Woolley tried that last hope guillotine and when that wasn’t going to work, he was done and not about to let Colby pound him out so he quit.

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AncientWhiteDragon -

Expected lacklustre performance from Woodley... he delivered.


Tyrone had bad IBS

Idk I really thought he took his foot off the gas regarding his focus right before the Usman fight, dabbling in several different ventures. In doing so I think he backed off his training and that has continued. Hes gun shy, with zero killer instinct or confidence, and while i think is in shape he doesnt look that way he did during his run. What stands out the most is his lack of confidence and being gun shy. Either he isnt training as much or he isnt training with top level guys.

When he lost that guillotine he didn't want to fight anymore.

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We'll see how tyron responds. When he beat condit, he was pissed people pointed to condits knee injury as to why he won, insisted he was beating his ass before that, which he was. I wonder if he'll admit he was fucked before the rib finish.

Woodley has won a round in his last 3 fights.