Tyron Woodley & Dan Hardy beefing on Twitter

Who won this Twitter battle?

  • Hardy
  • Woodley

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Hardy’s an idiot. Say what you will about woodley (never been a fan) but he won a belt while Hardy’s claim to fame is getting made look like he didn’t even belong by GSP.

Oh and I guess recently losing his job because he can’t control his mouth.


Bare knuckle fight or gtfo…


To be fair they are both idiots. Woodly is pretty insufferable, and has now tattooed another mans name on his finger…

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Woodley might have got the better of the exchange but he lost in the long run with that stupid tattoo.


Agree 100%. Woodleys been insufferable for years. I don’t know why he got Paul’s name tattooed on him but that’s just pathetic. That’s why I sided with woodley in this. How do you lose a Twitter argument with a man who just tattooed another mans name on him? That’s just sad.

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2 Jack-asses, but Woodley was a legit champ and a Bad Man regardless of popularity.

That being said, I could care less about watching “the life that matters” versus “the limey that never did”

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Dan hardy never accomplished shit. He should just stfu

Because he lost the bet that they had of loser gets a tattoo.

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Woodley got a tattoo of another guys name on his body to book another fight with him.

Hardy has been looking for a fight for a couple years now without much high profile luck.

Any attention Woodley gives to Hardy is a win for Hardy. And he didnt need to tattoo another man’s name on him.

Would argue Hardy’s claims to fame are Condit knocking him to another realm and a lame red Mohawk.


LOL hardys biggest win is a dec over mike swick.

Hardy gets a lot of credit from people for not tapping to GSP.

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Wow… I guess good on him for following through on the bet but still.

This whole side show celebrity boxing just gets wilder and weirder every time I read about it.

obvious next fight is obvious next fight. so many of you dorks can’t see the simple fact that they are hyping up the fight…


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While we’re talking about Dan, his old team mate Semtex.
Now I’d like to see Daley in a boxing match.
Left hook to jake Paul’s brain = Cemetery

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Hardy keeps saying stuff like who he would be honored to fight or whatever.

Thing is, nobody asked.

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Ill be shocked if Jake fights him again, pretty sure everyone outside of Woodley wants to see a different opponent next time