Tyron Woodley defends the pugilistic talents of Jake Paul

he would, wouldnt he

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Tyron Woodley wouldn’t beat most of his critics in a combat sport these days.


He’s not terrible at all! He’s just a douche bag with a platform he doesn’t deserve to showcase his C level boxing skills.


Easy with the common sense and objective knowledge. It’ll scare the “just bleeds” away lol

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Dude should really really stay away from the spotlight for a very very long time

Woodley is cringy. He just needs to stay away for awhile. He has talked soon much shit for the past 3 years and gotten his ass beat left and right.

Nobody deserves shit.

So what.

Like him or not he’s right, anybody that thinks otherwise has never strapped them on


I don’t know what that means

How often do you strap on?