Tyron Woodley “I got into MMA because of boxing!”

5-time UFC Welterweight Champion, actor, rapper, producer, writer, boxer, and Mike’s friend, Tyron Woodley, Skypes in for today’s episode. He and Mike talk about why his fight contract for Jake Paul needs an anti-bitch clause, Tyron’s long history with boxing, the most nerve-wracking aspect of the fight, balancing sports and entertainment, ride-or-die fans, the time when Mike tricked Tyron, and lots more! Be sure to hit that subscribe button and click the bell for notifications so you can watch the episodes as soon as they are released!


0:00 People don’t understand Tyron’s connection to boxing

4:46 The Jake Paul fight contract needs an Anti-Bitch Clause

11:18 This is what Tyron saw in the stare-down with Jake

13:23 Jake Paul is trying to control the narrative

19:36 Balancing sports and entertainment

26:32 The most nerve-wracking aspect of the Jake Paul fight

30:35 Ride-or-die fans make everything worth it

32:09 That time when Mike tricked Tyron

Hope he gets paid.

This is going to make it all the more embarrassing when he loses

Youtubers made me root for Woodley for the very first time. Weird times we live in ha ha.

In boxing, Tyron is much much better than Askren for sure. Paul will be in for a rough time.

I cant believe I am rooting for Woodley. JalenPaul is everything that is wrong with this world. The fact that he ran his mouth to DC really pissed me off. DC could murder him but from that separation he is tough- ducking faggot

Hey Mike,

Did you know that you are in a Godsmack video?

So are Jon,Josh & Cain.

AKA is well represented so don`t go “Cry Like a Bitch” to the authorities :slight_smile:

Not a fan of Woodley but hate Jake Paul more.

Either way it sucks because Woodley is not a boxer regardless of the BS he claims, he will lose to the youtuber and that’s sad

TTT for Mike`s response.