Tyron Woodley on DIaz "My Style fills his holes."

Tyron Woodley talks about how he would fair against UFC competition, future fights and gives his thoughts about GSP/Diaz. Also saying that his strengths are Diaz's weaknesses. CLICK HERE to read full interview and enjoy!

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 why won't the link show up?

Yup that's not gay. Phone Post

 don't be scared holeys

 Damn that piece needs an editor badly.......

romo detector just broke

Not at all, Diaz would tko this guy in r4 or 5, he was gassed bad vs saffedine Phone Post

diaz is now in the ufc, sooooooo.....

Tyron will be the new strikeforce ww champ though.

Diaz avoided him like the plague, just like Jay Heiron before him. Phone Post

Woodley is SF's next WW champ. He's really good. Phone Post

Woodley is legit, without a doubt. Phone Post

 Thread updated with link added!